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Breaking Ball – The Gaelic Football Board Game

We are based in Co. Down, with a passion for Gaelic Games.

We noticed there were very few Irish board games, and none with roots firmly in Irish culture – and none based around our beloved Irish sports. This is were we began our journey to create a range of Gaelic Board Games.

We started by looking at Gaelic Football, we knew what we wanted from the game we were embarking to create – It had to replicate the excitement and thrill you experience within the gates of Croke Park on a Sunday while at the same time translating well onto a tabletop board game.

After many headaches and design changes to our prototype we finally had a game worthy to be called a Gaelic Football Board game, that was super fun to play against family & friends!

We wanted it to appeal to all ages and made it easy to learn the tactical play, featuring elements such as Attacking and Defending, shooting for points and goals and being the Bainisteoir of your very own team. A card and dice game that makes for a great experience for any age or skill range.

Uniquely Irish Gift

By creating a Gaelic Football Board Game true to a real game of Gaelic Football we have created the perfect alternative Irish Christmas Gift or unique Irish Birthday present. The game has received great reviews and offers a uniquely Irish Gift for both young and old with a love of Gaelic Sports. If you have any questions why not go to our contact us page and we will happily reply or go to our How To Play pages were we have some video tutorials were you can get an idea of the rules of the game.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did creating it!!


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