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Become the Bainisteoir in this Gaelic games board game – Use all your skills and tactics to come out on top in our five star rated board game!


A Full 15 a side Match

Breaking Ball is based on a real Gaelic Football match, so it follows the rules you would find in a real game. We have created a traditional style board game with the Irish twist. There are 2 teams of 15 players, occupying various positions on the board that correspond to a typical team setup in a live football match.

Breaking Ball Board GAME

Game Features

Below are just some of the many features of the game. It closely follows a proper Gaelic Football match with some twists along the way!


A normal Gaelic Football match is 30 minutes (35 in Championship) per half but decide among the players how long you want to play. Or set a score line that you need to reach.


Each card contains a different task and if the player can achieve this ‘goal’ then their team will automatically win the game. Will your opponent outsmart you and guess your goal?


Every team in Gaelic Football has them and so it is with ‘Breaking Ball’. Last to training, last in the sprints! Use them wisely Bainisteoir and they could change your fortunes.


Two teams – Two Managers. You decide your strategy; will you play the long ball or keep it tight? Blanket defence or running game?


Slide ‘Got the new GAA board game for my 9 year old son who loves a competitive game. Breaking Ball is well designed and the instructions are easy to follow.

We played a 15 minute each half game, a very enjoyable father son evening together. I will definitely be telling friends this game is a must for all the family.’

Peter Byrne

‘The boys (age 13 and 9) have played the game twice and think it’s fantastic! They said it was so easy to set up and rules easy to follow’.

E. Benson

Before You Buy FAQ's

What size is the board?

700mm x 470mm

What size is the box?

410mm x 250mm x 60mm

Where Do Yo Ship To? And with what methods!

We ship worldwide, however shipping rates can vary from country to country, if you see a shipping rate on the checkout that doesn’t look correct you can contact us via the form on the contact page.

UK & Ireland are available on a next working day delivery service.

Is it difficult to play?

The game closely follows a Gaelic football match and has been designed to be fun and as simple as possible. Obviously like any game you must read and follow the instructions.

We have created a group of short tutorial videos on our Breaking Ball Youtube channel, that we believe in conjunction with our game guide booklet will have you playing in a very short time. Whether you are any good is another thing!

How many players can play?

Obviously, there are 2 teams so 2 players, but like the real game there is no reason why a group of ‘selectors’ can’t run a team and challenge their friends or family to a match. Only problem is who will be the Bainisteoir and who will carry the water!

How long does a game last?

That’s totally up to the players.

A full Gaelic Football match lasts 30 minutes per half (35 in championship) but you can decide before you start how long it will last.

You can also pick a score line that whoever reaches first wins.

We have also added ‘Hidden Goal’ cards. Each player can pick a card from the shuffled deck and keep this secret. On the card it will give a challenge to the

Bainisteoir that if he/ she manages to achieve automatically wins the game. Perhaps it might be both wing half backs to score goals!! But will your opponent twig what you are trying?

You can always try a mix of all 3 ways to win – it’s up to you.

How many cards are there?

There are different groups of cards to help with things like attacking and defending as well as shooting and saving. In total there are 75 cards in the game.

Got a Question?

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about us or our products please feel free to contact us below.

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